Monday, September 01, 2008

Curriculum, Curriculum...

Before I even share my curriculum choices, I am going to share a couple of pics from our vacation. They are here to remind me to never neglect the hands on, eyes on learning of everyday life!

On our recent vacation we got to view a "Maine rarity" daily! There were so many loons on this pond. Instead of the occasional 2 loons you might catch together we would see groups of loons every morning. One day we counted 13 of them all together. Oh, I was wishing for a zoom lens on my camera to capture it better!

Another rarity...a crawfish, a crayfish?? I never knew we had those here in Maine!

Okay, here goes...

Tyler: Sophomore Year of High School
Writing/Research Skills:Class at my church taught by a friend.
Careers Class: Offered by my homeschool group and taught by a woman from a local Community College staff.
History:Tapestry of Grace, Redesigned, Year 2
Literature:Also TOG Year 2
Geometry:Mathusee with assistance for our Math Tutor/Youth Pastor on "Homework Help Night!"
Chemistry:Apologia, also with the same above assistance with the Algebra portion.
Bible: The Bible!, Combination of Greek (Hey Andrew! Teach Me Some Greek), "Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations", Biblical Theology (Theology book by Dr. Enns)
Music:Guitar lessons with worship leader from church.
Art: Google product (Sketch Up) for learning Architecture.

Full Credit Courses: History, Literature, Geometry, Writing and Research Skills
Bonus Credit and a Half Course: Chemistry with full labs
Half Credit Courses: Bible, Art, Music, Career

Christian and Rachel (6th and 5th grades)
Science:Combination of local monthly class taught by Naturalist, and Apologia Elementary (Botany)
History:Rachel will take an American Girl course taught by Homeschool group mom, then join Christian for TOG Year 2 Redesigned Upper Grammar.
Math:Mathusee Zeta for Christian, Epsilon for Rachel
Literature: TOG Year 2 Redesigned Upper Grammar
Language Arts:Alpha Omega, Classical Roots Vocab., Sequential Spelling
Art:Book on Drawing Anime
Music:Drum lessons on DVD, Piano lessons for Rachel
Bible:The Bible!, Greek (same as Tyler) and "Learning about God from A-Z"
Foreign Language: Rachel asked to learn French so she is doing "French in 10 min. Per Day."

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