Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Week Off

About a month ago I cried out to Robin, "Take a vacation...STAT!!" I was really feeling some burn out! So he found the closest available week and we are finishing it up now. My how time flies when you take a vacation!! We really didn't have big plans. If anything we realized that if you take away Robin's job and homeschooling, we are still a really busy family! We did manage to have dear friends over for the day in the middle of the week; that was a definite bright spot. We also managed to catch a movie, "Hotel for Dogs." If you know to bring some tissues you'll love this heartwarming (clean too) movie of two foster children finding their *forever home.* :)
Last night Robin and Tyler headed to church for a Men's Retreat called "Men of Honor." Now here's one of the many things I love about our church. They'll use the church for retreats. No need for travelling and all those costs associated with it! Whoever decided we should install two showers in the building was a GENIUS! Robin cheated, though and came home to sleep. Tyler wanted to stay at the church. ANYWAY, I got to get the news early that a man in Robin's group (he's a facilitator) asked Jesus to be His Savior last night!! Praise GOD!!
Here are a few pictures I took this week...
Here you see Christian, who was trying to see for himself how tall Goliath would be!! I turned from, "get down off that couch!" to "Oh you're seeing how tall Goliath is? Wait, let's get a picture of it!!" LOL!!

Rachel had her 11th birthday party...a spa party!! We had all homemade spa treatments! It was so fun!! I am sharing this pic because you can't see the girls faces. :) We'll let the other spa girls keep their privacy...

On Monday we'll be back to our "jobs". I am already planning which week we'll take off next... ;)

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Marg said...

So, how tall was Goliath, anyway? I see someone in your house plays the drums. You? ;)