Monday, January 29, 2007

Wandering Thoughts

“Gather my thoughts, good Lord, they fitful roam,
Like children bent on foolish wandering,
Or vanity of fruitless wayfaring;
O call them home.

See them, they drift like the wind-scattered foam;
Like wild sea-birds, they hither, thither, fly,
And some sink low, and others soar too high.
O call them home.

My silence speaketh to Thee, but I roam
With my poor silly thoughts, I know not where;
That undistracted I may go to prayer
O call them home.”

by: Amy Carmichael

This blog represents a gathering of my thoughts, memories, and the *stuff* I call *my day*. I pray it will be redeemable and in focus with my Savior. I hope to bring encouragement to those who visit, perhaps a challenge and to exhort myself to stay close to the Lord.


alida said...

Hi Karen,

I love your new blog. This poem really struck me. Our thoughts often lead us where we should not go, and to pray for the Lord to keep them close to home is beautiful. I'll remember that.


Karen T. said...

Thank you for coming by, Alida! I feel the same way about this poem! I love Amy Carmichael and relate to many of her poems. This one especially, the battle is the mind and keeping it stayed on the Lord!