Monday, January 29, 2007

What's Up?

January is a busy month for me. Not only am I plotting out the rest of our school year and working very hard to have us done by the end of May, but I am also planning our curriculum purchase for the next school year. So there is little time for much else including taking pictures! But here are a few I managed!

Rachel loves art of all kinds. Her current medium is play doh. Here you will see her version of Veggie Tales' "Larry Boy."

We actually had a decent snow fall this month, YAY Maine! The children decided to shovel the driveway for Robin during their school breaks. Though Tyler was not outside when this picture was taken he helped too!

Here is our pup, Dash. He loves it when we are all together at home. Here he is, laying on the back of the loveseat waiting for Robin to return home! From his perch he can see out the window of our door.

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