Friday, February 23, 2007

February Break is Done, Now Let's Charge for Spring!

~Art by Peter Motz~
This week we had a break from school. To tell the truth, I am kind of glad it's over!! Now it is time to charge ahead for spring and to be determined to finish our school year strong. We have 12 weeks of school left until summer break. We will have one more school break between now and then but will hopefully be spent with Robin taking the kids on field trips!

I have to admit to not being really "ready" for this week in a sense. It just wasn't a good time for a break. But it had a purpose in that we did rest and the kids got to hang out and not do much which they enjoyed. But usually I have more planned for them. Rachel's Hip Hop Workshop really broke up the week. (But it was awesome so worth it!)

All I can say is: "C'MON SPRING!"
I think I have Christian and Rachel's school curriculum for next year planned (5th and 4th grade respectively). Here it is:
History, Literature, Reading, Bible: Tapestry of Grace Upper Grammar Year One Redesigned (Ancient History)
Science: Apologia's Elementary Science
Writing: Institute for Excellence in Writing
Spelling: Spell Power for Rachel, Sequential Spelling for Christian
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise
Grammar: Winston Grammar (We did first half of book this year, second half saving for next year)
Handwriting: Handwriting without Tears, 5th Grade
Language Arts: I also buy Alpha Omega to close in any gaps (a little paranoia there!).
Math: Mathusee, Delta for Rachel and Epsilon for Christian
Koine Greek: Hey Andrew Teach Me Some Greek, Level 3
Art: Various Programs and Books that we have here like "Mark Kistler's Draw Squad"
Music: Drum Lessons for Christian, Piano Lessons for Rachel
Gym: Year round soccer for Christian, Dance classes and competition teams for Rachel
Whew! Is that it? I sure hope so!!

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FaithMom6 said...

You're doing an awesome job Karen!!
Warm spring hugs to you today!