Monday, February 19, 2007

Nine Year Birthday, Nine Year Anniversary, Nine Years Left!

This is a benchmark year for me! My youngest child has turned 9 and will be graduating highschool in 9 years. My time of having her home alll the time is half over! I have been homeschooling my children for 9 years and have 9 years left so homeschooling is half over!! No wonder I was teary over this particular birthday!!

Here is my birthday girl with her crazy brother, Christian, behind her! This is an outfit we bought for her especially to wear to her dance classes:

Here is Rachel at her "girlie party" blowing out her candles. I had a small cake for each girl to decorate themselves. I put a few of the extra's together for her to blow out candles with.
For a craft, they each painted these wooden dolls. They all especially loved having the *sparkly* paints.

Here is Tyler with Dash. I started Homeschooling Tyler for Kindergarten 9 years ago!!

Hug those babies while you can! The time sure flies by!

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