Saturday, July 26, 2008

Friendship Garden

Recently Rachel read a Historical Fiction book about a young girl named Rachel. This story was set in the time of the Old Testament. In the book, the little girl planted a friendship garden. She planted flowers and labeled each with the names of her dear friends.

Rachel decided this sounded like a fun idea so she began to make plans. I was enthusiastic but concerned about the costs. Well, boy were we blessed!! We decided to try for a raised bed since our soil is poor. We outlined the small area with rocks. Our neighbor offered us rocks from his yard that he did not need. Then we found out that our home association sells loam very inexpensively so we ordered plenty for her and for some of our projects. Next we hit the greenhouse. Late July is late for buying annuals in Maine. We hit the jackpot! All the annuals were heavily discounted!! So, we pick through the dead ones and found all the good ones and headed home happy!! I think we'll need to hit one more greenhouse to fill in some holes. :)

Here she is, laboring away...

The sun was gleaming off the flowers so the pics aren't the best. I plan to take more pics today! For now picture yellow marigolds, red and white petunias, purples petunias, red tuberous begonias, one red guinea impatien, and white salvias. More pics to come!

She is so happy with her garden. All she needs to do now is to make the labels with her friends' names. She can't wait to show her garden to the friends she has honored. I just know that they will be happy in the way she chose to celebrate their friendship!

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Maggie Ann said...

What a beautiful rock border! I love the idea of naming her flowers after her friends.