Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thankful Thursday!

Today is Thankful Thursday. What are you thankful for today?

I am thankful for:

1. My family.
2. My home.
3. My church (No, really...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my church!)
4. I get to be home with my children and serving my family every day.
5. My husband's job (though it is very stressful it is a great provision).
6. Our dog, Dash, who gives us countless hours of entertainment!
7. Winter is coming and this year I am really looking forward to the extra time at home winter brings!
8. My kids' kids have really great friends.
9. Vehicles that get us around.
10.Ministry opportunities galore.

Well, that's my Top 10! :)

I can feel myself winding down and preparing for winter's pace. I love to be home when it is cold. I really don't like getting in a cold car and being cold. But I love being warm and cozy and looking out at cold. :)We'll likely dress a little warmer and keep the house cooler this year, but it will still be quite nice. We'll sip hot cocoa and wrap in blankets and watch a nice movie or read good books...

In the winter we seem to spend more time together as a family and more time developing indoor hobbies. I have my winter sports of course: knitting and quilting and this year I'll add chicken scratch which is an easy and pretty embroidery method. Yeah, that's my idea of winter sports...hee, hee. Winter is the time all these crafts show up on my blog. The kids love to sled and ice skate. It's time to get the skates out and see what fits everyone.

I'll spend lots of time praying about, thinking about and planning the Children's Ministries at church. It will be good to have that time. Right now the Children's Ministry is running like a freight train so I am planning on the fly but soon there will be that time. Next year we are planning a couple of evangelistic kids' clubs for summer. You see our teens go to Raleigh, N.C. and work for Mission Raleigh one week out of the summer. They do Kids Clubs down there. This year they'll do them in Maine first! We'll let others in the church join in too. Then after the Neighborhood clubs we'll invite all those kids and everyone we can invite to the *traditional VBS* at the church. I can't wait!! It's going to be GREAT!!

Lot's to do, lot's to do! How about you...what are you thankful for today? What keeps you busy in the winter??


Patty H. said...

Karen I love that picture of your daughter. She's having such fun! Our yard is full of leaves, dh is fretting over getting them up but hastn' had time between hunting, working and revival. And now it's raining.
so much good stuff going on at your church. Praying that souls will be touched and come to know Christ as their Saviour thru your ministrys.

~ Laurie said...

oohhh I want to know when VBS is...