Monday, August 13, 2007

Kettle Cove in Cape Elizabeth

Well, it sure has been some time since I have written here in my blog. We have been savoring every moment of summer and it makes for a lot less time on the computer.

This past weekend we visited a new spot. We met friends for a supper picnic. It was a little cove on the ocean with more treasure to find then any other spot I have ever visited. The kids got to hold an observe several crabs, hermit crabs, star fish, snails, and even shrimp (which were too small to hold but still fun to observe). The only damper on the night was when we had left our site alone and seagulls attacked the food. Ours was in the cooler but our friends had their cheese puffs pecked into and then the gulls stomped on their graham crackers and frosting that was in a large gladlock. The silly bird tried to fly off with it and then dropped it.
Here are some pics (not of the birds, we sort of missed that whole drama til the end!):

This first pic was as we were leaving but I loved the look of the sun so much I put it first!

The boys were way too busy hunting through tidal pools to look up for a picture! ;)

This is an amazing feat for Rachel to be holding a hermit crab! She normal does not touch *creatures* of any kind!! But her dear friend would pick them up first and show her how to hold them and hand them to her. She had so much fun!
We did not find star fish but a man on the beach found them (3 of them I think) and gave them to the kids to observe and hold.
Here is a look into one of our buckets. Those hermit crabs are either playing or fighting...hopefully playing... :)

This was the biggest crab we found. He was quite a good sport about being held. He and the other creature treasures were all returned safely to their homes before we left. I think we have found a new favorite picnic spot!


tknoppe said...

Ooooo - looks like fun! But, um, I don't think I'd be picking up creatures either. LOL Lovely photos!! ~ Traci

Sylvia said...

What a wonderful sounding day! I love the critters! I love days like that and finding new spots to gather.

Yvonne said...

What a lovely day you all had!! Really enjoyed the pics!