Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lazy Sunday

Today is a nice, lazy Sunday. I am loving the restful, easy feeling. The weather is hinting that fall is on the way. It is in the low 70's. It is sunny with a nice breeze!

Robin preached today, filling in for an area pastor. This is a church my dad pastored before he died of cancer. It was nice to see everyone and my mom was with us so it was a reunion of sorts for her. Robin's cousins were there and we don't see them and their families much so this was an extra treat. Robin preached from 1 Tim. 1:12-17 encouraging us that "God is in the business of changing people." Oh, aren't you glad? I shudder to think of the kind of person I would be if God had not intervened in my life with His saving grace and power to change me! Hallelujah!

After church we had a quick lunch and then took the children out for an ice cream (yum!). Then we came home to rest and relax. I have been knitting, Robin has been reading (though he is mixing work with pleasure with some testing that must be done for work). A pot roast is in the oven. After supper I plan to snuggle in with a good book and maybe some more knitting. Even the kids seem extra calm and quiet.

Here are a couple of "exciting sites" from my yard (well, exciting to me... ;) )

I love tuberous impatiens and tuberous begonias. I think this is the impatien variety. I have them on my front steps.

These plums tomatoes will soon be ready for the table! I can't wait! We have lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and plum tomatoes, plus rhubarb and various spices growing. Next year I would like to do a bit more in volume. I like the idea of having a "salad garden." :)

I hope all those reading are having a restful Sunday!


tknoppe said...

Hi Karen
A restful Sunday here as well. :) It's nice to just do nothing and enjoy being with family today. ~ Traci

Faith6 said...

Hey! I awarded you something at my blog!
Love ya