Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"My Silly Cat" by Christian Twombly Age 10

"My Silly Cat"
My silly cat sleeps when mom's away.
When mom is home he will play,
but not on a rainy day.
He sleeps in the window
and is scared of crows.
His name is Dash
and he runs with a crash.
When he eats he eats like a hog.
Dash is a DOG!!


Yvonne said...

Great poem!! Karen you must treasure all these things they do!

Patty Hall said...

This is so cute!
Patty H.

Robin said...

Dear Karen,

That is a great poem! :)

Happy happy Thanksgiving! Hugs, Robin

Anonymous said...

My name is Christian Twombly. I was searching to see how many of us there are. I was totally happy to find one. He's talented at that! My e-mail is