Sunday, March 02, 2008

Super Sunday

I hope you are having a Super Day! Today was a quiet day. Rachel was not feeling well so she and I stayed home from church while the guys went to church. I missed being able to go to church but I am so thankful to go to a church with so many wonderful people to miss! I will get to hear the sermon online which is another blessing.
Here is a dishcloth I knitted up recently. It is a dolphin leaping over the waves. I really enjoyed making it! Very fun! It was designed by Rhonda White ( and I knitted it on size 7 needles:

Now I must warn you if you decide to knit any of these designs because you saw them here that I knit left handed so all my pictures come out opposite of the pattern! Yes, I am backwards!! So YOUR dophin would be jumping in the opposite direction!!

I did some knitting today too, not too much though. Here's what ended up in my lap as I was trying to knit!! LOL!

This poor dog needs some grooming love! Maybe tomorrow...

I have 4 different knitting projects and one quilting project going! Oh, that is bad! One knitting project is my sock. I got nervous about turning the heel. I need to just dive in for better or worse! As for sewing I need to just get out my sewing machine and leave it up. That is the only way to get anything done!

Speaking of finding a place to leave up my sewing machine, I have a yearning to move the furniture around in the house and change things up. Yes, such is the restlessness that is March! C'mon spring!! On the bright side with all this snow, I could actually dunk a basketball like Michael Jordan!! How you ask? Well, just look at the hoop! I think I can reach it... LOL!


Bren said...

We had a big melt is raining now, but will turn to freezing rain I think. We still have lots of snow but you can see patches of grass in parts of the back yard...still PILES along the roads.
Your cloth is beautiful. I told Coppers Wife you were the "Knitted dishcloth Queen"...I am correct!!!!

Anonymous said...

Please, no more snow pictures, I can't take it.....ahhhh!

Just kidding.
Great job on the dishcloths. What kind of yarn do you use?

Blessings, Jen

Lindy said...

I hope Rachel is feeling better now. It is wonderful to go to a church with such wonderful people! We just joined ours last Sunday, after being without a church home for 2 years, and I am so thankful! Your cloth looks great. Good luck with your socks.

Anonymous said...

The heel was the scariest part when I did my first sock. A wise knitter told me: Just follow the directions - it actually works!

By golly, she was right!


Michelle said...

Oh, you inspire me to get out my knitting and work on it!


Karen T. said...

Bren, what a compliment! Thank you!

Jen, yeah I am gettin' sick of the snow pics to yet I can't resist at the same time! LOL!

Thanks Lindy!

Okay Robin, I am going to trust you and get back to work on the socks!

Michelle, yes get out that knitting!! It's addictive though!!

chocolatechic said...

Heel turn is rather easy....once you have done it.

If you have any questions, PM me and I will give you my phone number and I'll talk you through it.

Unless you already have it finished.

I can't wait to see the finished product.

Em said...

OMG - goodness, look at all of that snow! I just rearranged my house a little to accomodate my sewing needs and my children's needs also. I need to get more pictures up, but I did blog about it a short while ago. I love the dolphin cloth - I might need to do one of those! I am in the middle of knitting a sock right now too... turning the heel was fun! After I turned the heel though, somehow I got started knitting 'backwards' and there are a couple of purl rows where they should be knit. It looks funny, but I'm saving it anyway!