Sunday, March 09, 2008

Back from the "Big City!"

"New York City is the whole world under one roof." Christian Twombly

The above quote was my 11 year old son's overall impression of New York City as a response to seeing so many different peoples and cultures in one place. This is where we were and this is why I have been away from the computer. I knew my husband wouldn't want me announcing on the internet that we left our house empty!! :)

We were there because our 14 year old son, Tyler, had two soccer games in Brooklyn on Saturday and we decided to go as a family and see the city!

I will write more later as we are just now in. But it was an exciting few days where we saw New York City:

From top:

(The kids on top of the Eiffel Tower checking out the top of the city.)

To bottom:

(The kids on the Subway, checking out the city underground.)


Lindy said...

Looks like fun!!!

Anonymous said...

I wish I could've gone with you!! How fun!! So awesome!!

Pam said...

I bet it seemed like Paris with such a big road trip during the winter!

Glad you had fun!