Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Why I am Thankful to Homeschool

There are many reasons why I homeschool. It is hard to pick a top reason but definitely at least in the top 3 is that by homeschooling we are much closer as a family.

When you are together as a family almost 24/7 you cannot brush problems under the rug. There is no waiting until they step on the bus for peace. Peace must be a priority of everyone in the family. Homeschooling gives us accountability to work through character issues and tensions. We live, we love, we fail, we sin, we confess, we forgive, we love, and on and on!

The blessing in all that hard work is that we are very close as a family. We do so much together and we learn more every day about getting along and loving completely and giving each other grace and mercy.

Below are a few pictures. The first three are from Tyler's (14 years old) Biology lab in which he had to dissect a cray fish. It turned into an adventure for all three kids. There was lots of "ewww, and peee-ew and then many giggles!" But in the end they learned probably more about cray fish then they ever wanted to know! LOL!

Now this morning, and this inspired my post, I walked into the living room to find Tyler helping Rachel with her Math. This just turned me all to mush!! I snuck my camera in and took this shot before the moment was over!!

Homeschooling is such hard work, I won't tell anyone otherwise. But it is soooo worth it all!! If I had it to do over again I would definitely make the same choice again!!


Christian Homekeeper said...

Karen, how sweet! Yes, most of the time I am truly glad I homeschool. Sometimes it is the most frustrating thing I've ever done. Sometimes it is the most rewarding thing.

Lindy said...

VERY well said! It looks as if Tyler uses the same biology book as I do, and is only a few pages ahead!

Bren said...

Ahhhh I needed to read this post!! I question myself ALOT! Thanks for the encouragement.

jen s said...

Easter blessings to you and yours!

Pam said...

So true! It is wonderful to see how the kids become best friends. We missed the crayfish, so I'll threaten the kids with that if they get feisty! LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh, I loved the picture of your son helping your daughter with math. That would make me turn to mush too.

Yes, homeschooling is hard work, but it has huge rewards. I know that when my kids grow up I will have no regrets of wondering if I spent enough time with them.

Thanks for your encouraging post.


Anonymous said...

Was he helping or doing it for her? LOL...I love those rare mushy moments myself.