Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Answering a Couple of Questions...

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I have been asked a couple of questions and I thought I would answer them here:

Lyndsay asked if we are using Tapestry of Grace Year 2. Yes, we are. However we are taking our time. My husband suggested that we make it our goal to get through half of the curriculum so that we might soak it all in and that is what we are doing. If we go further great but if not that's great too! I have been homeschooling for 10 years formally and I can tell you I have rushed way too much!

Robin asked if I borrow the books from the library. To be honest, I hate relying on the library. BUT this year it is a necessity. So, I bought the Teacher's Manual first. Then I looked to see what I could get from my library. Then I decided what I would purchase.

Some years, I have only bought books I wanted to keep and used the library for the rest. Right now, we have a book on hold that we are waiting for. Someone got to it before me! :) So we are reading a book of my choosing while we wait. I do love the convenience of having every book on the shelf but when I can't do that, the library works too...if I am patient! :)

Right now we are on Week 3 of our curriculum but have been schooling for 5 weeks.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Karen! This is exactly what we are going to do when we get TOG. That was something that bothered me, that we'd have to do all of that in one year. We want to buy the books, so doing it over time will be good in that area as well. :)

The only other thing I am wondering how I am going to work out is that we do not have a working printer. So, I guess we will have to buy a black & white printer in order to participate in TOG. That is correct, isn't it, Karen? That you do have to have a printer to use TOG?

Thank you so much, (((Karen))) Once again I thank you for your wisdom that you potray here. Have a wonderful Wednesday, Robin