Friday, October 03, 2008

Rachel's New Favorite Book

Hello, readers!
I just read what I call it the best book ever written! It's about a girl named Lily who in this book is learning about real God-like beauty. If you want to find out more about this, it might be on, but I'm not sure. It was written in 2000, so its an old book! If you want to see at least a little bit of it, here's a paragraph from the book: "What do you mean, a club?" Reni asked. "Like some kind of secret sorority or something?" "Aren't those against the rules?" Suzy said. "Would you guys just listen?" Lily said. Three heads nodded. "Okay-I say we should form a group. Let's call it a group. A girl's only group-absolutely no boys allowed." "I like that part," Reni said, frowning toward the basketball court. "And no mean girls, either," Lily added. "Like Ashely?" "Or Chelsea?" "Like anybody who hurts people's feelings," Lily clarified. "Right now I think it should be just the four of us." "why us?" Asked Zooey. Lily gave her a long look and then nodded at the basketball hoop. "I get it," Reni said." We're the ones Shad and those guys pick on." "Right," Lily said. Well, I'll have to check if the book series is still out. In the meantime, bye! P.S: This was typed by Rachel Twombly. Yes,mom let me type this!!!

P.S.S. Here is one of mom's favorite parts. :)
"And then she began to pray. 'Father,' she began, 'we have one of your little ones here who has forgotten how much you love her. Will you please reassure her? Will you fill her with your love and your forgiveness? Will you help her to see past her shame and her guilt and run to you with open arms again? Will you hold her on your lap and let her know that she's beautiful-inside and out-because you made her? Please, kiss away the fear that makes her want to hide under the covers. Bring her out into the light again, Lord, where she can see you everywhere she goes. In the name of Jesus, we pray.'"
"Lily didn't hear the 'amen.' She was crying too hard."

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