Monday, October 06, 2008

Lovin' the Library

The kids and I have been really enjoying the library lately. This year, it just seems to work with our schedule to get there. I have even been returning my books on time! WOW! ;) We have been supplementing our school books as well as getting some school books there.

In our state, funding for the library increasing when people take out more books and decreases when you take out less. Since many homeschoolers frequent the library, our library has figured out that if they buy books that our popular with homeschoolers, then traffic will definitely pick up!

We are currently studying Medieval History. When we arrived at the time of St. Patrick I found this beautiful picture book telling of his life. There are no four leaf clovers or leprechauns in this book! It is his *real* life and is full of gorgeous illustrations! I find that even though my kids are older, it is still fun to read picture books from time to time and to enjoy the lovely artwork in them!

Since we were waiting for "Leif the Lucky" to be returned so we could start our next Upper Grammar Lit. assignment, I decided to let my youngers spend their extra time reading "The Minstrel in the Tower". Each day they read a chapter and then give a short written narration. It's another great book.

Today I picked this book up for Tyler. Robin and I read this years ago and loved it. There is pirate violence in the story, so this is one to preread before you decide to let your own teen read it.

Fall is such a great time to start to slow down and spend time reading good books. Winter will soon be upon us and then the reading and quiet hobbies really kick off! I love wandering around the house and seeing everyone engrossed in a good book!

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