Friday, October 19, 2007

It's Friday!!

Yay! It's Friday!! I am bushed and ready for the weekend. It's rainy and cold out. Robin is on his way home from work. Rachel is playing the piano, trying to figure out "Minuet 1" by Bach. The boys are upstairs with a small soccer ball playing some sort of made up game with it. They sound like they are going to fall right through to the 1rst floor!! The dog is napping! See, we are all ready for a couple of days off!

I need to write up our weekly menu tonight. Tomorrow morning I hope to do my grocery shopping. I just hoping it isn't pouring rain! I do hate to put the groceries in the car in the pouring rain!

This weekend we need to spend some time preparing the house for winter. For my part I need to plan some warm window coverings. I have long curtains over my glass sliders. I may just attach white flannel sheet material to the back of them and then they will be lined for the cold months.

We got the bird feeders up but already the squirrels have discovered them so I am not sure what to do about that. One particularly chunky squirrel took the whole suet square, naughty thing. Robin says that is part of the experiment...humph!

This past Monday we went to a shop where you paint porcelain pottery and then they glaze and fire it for you. It was so fun! Rachel painted a plate (she plans this to belong to her favorite doll) and the boys each painted mugs (set apart to be their "hot cocoa" mugs for the winter). I will take pics of the finished product when my house is a bit brighter but here are the pics from the painting day:

Have a great day!


Patty H. said...

Hi, Karen, just stopping by to say "hi".
It is hard to keep squirrels out of the feeders. They are funny to watch tho. They turn all kinds of ways to get to that food.
I went with Jessica and her friends to a ceramics shop last weekend. It was a lot of fun. I chose and angel. Jessica has to pick it up for me so I'm not sure when I'll get it.
My mom used todo ceramics alot.
Well, have a good weekend.

Sylvia said...

I would love to do that here.... not sure there are any ceramic shops in town any more though.... I can't wait to see the finished products!

Karen T. said...

Thanks for stopping by Patty and Sylvia!! :) Hopefully I will take the pics of the finished products tonight. :)

Patty I would love to see your angel!

Love, Karen