Thursday, October 25, 2007

This 'n That...

We are in a little break from sports so it is a nice time to pull my handcrafts back out. These two dishcloth pics were actually made in August (I have started a new cloth; it is a "Nubbins" pattern I found online and will show soon). These cloths below were patterns from my Monthly Dishcloth group.

I was excited to do the above pattern because I had never done a cable stitch before. I must say it is much easier than one would think!!

This one above is suppose to be a picture of a dolphin leaping above the waves.
We are just having the mildest weather for fall. My annuals are still blooming away and I am still getting tomatoes! Here are my tuberous impatiens that I have had since May:

This pic isn't the greatest but you can see my barrel is still thriving:

Below you can see my plum tomato plants. They keep getting covered with falling leaves!


Lindy said...

Your cloths are so pretty, and I love the pictures of the flowers!

Glenys Hicks said...

Cable stitch looks so lush and fancy, but it really isn't that hard to do! I love that about it! Not too much pain for a lot of gain. It is one of my favourite knitting stitches too.



Karen T. said...

Thanks Lindy! I am so glad you stopped by! :) Love, Karen

Karen T. said...

Hi Glenys! I hope you visit means you are feeling well! I am praying for you! Love, Karen