Thursday, October 25, 2007

Smile for Portfolio Pictures, Children!

During the school year I try to take pictures of the kids accomplishments and activities. We bring these to our homeschool portfolio appointment. Last year we put together a little slide show with music of our pictures. The woman who did our portfolio seemed to like that and the kids really liked it too. It was a nice representation of our memories, you know?

So today we took some pics. The first few are them trying to *behave* and smile politely for me. Then last last couple are them *breaking out* and showing what they are *really* like!! (We normally try to keep that under wraps! *wink*)

Such nice children... Here you see their salt dough maps of Ancient Egypt.

Here is a close up of the porcelain pottery they recently painted at "Get Fired Up" pottery store.

Again, still trying to smile nice to mom but dying to break out...

Yep, those are the kids I KNOW!

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