Thursday, April 17, 2008

Keeping Busy

We have been keeping busy here this spring. There is plenty to do each day!
A *good* day starts with a *good* breakfast. This one started with chocolate chip pancakes made on our new griddle:

Once breakfast is done, we get right to work! Even the dog wants to be around the *school* table! He waits patiently for someone to give him some attention...

Next it is time to practice our instruments. This year is a milestone as we reached our goal to give each child their own instrument! I am so thankful that we were able to do this for them. We bought one instrument per year for three years. :)

We have Tyler on electric guitar:

Christian on the drums:

Rachel on the piano:

Once all that is done and we do our chores, then it is time for fun (well if we don't have somewhere we have to go!).

The picture above shows what will happen to your house if you don't have the TV on!! BEWARE!! HAHA!! Just kidding... I do love it when the kids get creative, but some days it is a bit scary! On this day, Christian was holding a "World Cup Soccer Game". Of course he *had to have* a world sized audience. Even Rachel's fairies and Polly Pockets got to see the game. :)

We love to be home. Everyone in the house considers it a treat to *be home for the whole day!* Yes, we love our activities and visiting friends, but there's no place like home!


Michelle said...

I wholeheartedly agree! My 6 yr old just loves it when I tell her we have nowhere we need to go that day. She also loves being home and homeschooled, and I am so glad I can stay home with her! Great post!

mdblouch said...

I love your pictures. Hey and why wasn't I invited for those really yummy looking pancakes. I would be there in a second!!


Pam said...

So true! You all look very content and productive! Home has been wonderful for us too - especially with all the Spring thaw and rain!