Saturday, April 19, 2008

Signs of Spring

I am seeing signs of spring all around me and loving it! The days are warm and sunny, I hear the birds returning, the snow is melting and buds are peeking out from the ground. The bicycles are finding there way up from the basement and outside. Multitudes of dirt is getting tracked in and the vacuum is getting daily use. The house smells like fresh air instead of air fresheners!!

I am thankful for....

Open windows:

Flower buds coming up. They are right beside the snow as though ignoring the remants of winter! Can you see them? These little green spots will be Irises soon!

Outdoor creativity. Rachel's brothers have sports today, but she has the luxury of free time outdoors! She spent a good hour hunting for the perfect branches and arranging them in a teepee shape that wouldn't fall down and then finding the perfect sheet that wouldn't be missed and draping it around.


More spring fun! Her teepee got taken down by the wind. Ah well...she'll ask her dad for some rope to shore it up when he is home. In the mean time, there's "Old Joe the Climbing Tree."

I can't forget the best part about early spring...NO BUGS! Yes, it's true! The bugs have not yet caught on that spring is here. So, today I was able to enjoy a lawn chair and a good book, basking in 73 degrees F and loads of sun! Ahhhh...this is what I was waiting for!


Bren said...

Oh how wonderful!! Don't you just love it??!!

Lindy said...

What great pictures! If only spring didn't come with pollen... :)The weather has been crazy around here, hot for a few days, then cold, but for the most part, it's been really nice!