Friday, June 20, 2008

It's Strawberry Season!!

Yes, it is officially strawberry season in Maine!! But before I talk about that let me give you a little household tip... Do you want to keep the inside ledge of your windows clean? Here is a foolproof method:

Yes, that's right...get a Shih Tzu!! Oh and they like to listen to Christian music...LOL!

On to strawberries... Yesterday we went strawberry picking. I definitely plan to go back often! In 30 minutes the kids picked 8.75 pounds of strawberries. The views are beautiful too.

This farm is not even 10 minutes drive from our home. I do love having locally grown food. The owner of the farm was working the stand and he just gushed about being a farmer. He told about his winter trip to Costa Rica and all the wonderful things they grow year round. You know you love your job when you go to see what others do in the same profession on your vacations!!

They are having a good year and I pray they continue to get the right weather. The owner said they expect to be picking strawberries all the way to October! That is quite a statement for a Mainer to make!

Ahhhh...the fruits of our labors!!

Oh I just LOVE summer. There is just so much to do. Our schedules are busy but they are busy with getting together with friends and family, not so much about endless activities. It is busy with relaxing by a lake or local pool or the ocean, campfires and smores, barbeques and family days, and on a hot cream with STRAWBERRIES on top!! :)


~ Laurie said...

Can you tell me where you picked the berries? And how much a pound they were?

Patty Hall said...

Makes my mouth water. I remember going strawberry picking with my mom and I'd eat more than got into the basket. Nothing better than one fresh from the field.
Hope you're doing well.

Anonymous said...

Those strawberries look delicious. Our strawberry season ended last month but now there are blueberries. Our's our cultivated but when having them fresh picked they are delicious.
Do you also go blueberry picking?


Anonymous said...

Oh oh am I drooling over those strawberries! Pass the Reddi Whip!