Monday, June 23, 2008

World's Best Baseball Season!!

Christian's baseball season officially ended this past Saturday. It was the best season ever! Our coaches were incredible! They set such a postive and fun tone for the team. If you could overhear the boys when they play you would hear comments like "good job" or "your awesome" or "great try". The boys truly supported and befriended each other and it was a joy to watch. Christian came home happy and excited from every game.

A little over half of the families are from our church. It was a great opportunity to get to know some of the other boys from church (as well as other friends too!).

All this fun led to a great record: 11-1. We won 11 games and lost 1! :)

Here is Christian with his favorite assistant coach, his dad:

Christian with his trophy:

Rounding home plate in the last game:

What a blessing this baseball season was!!

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