Thursday, June 19, 2008

More Gardening Fun...

Yesterday we were able to get more gardening done. By "we" I mean, my kids got more gardening done! :) Whenever I say "we" need to do..., my oldest son always says, "Who is this *we*?" He's a smart boy, lol!

Rachel and Christian worked on getting the tomato plants and marigold plants in on one side of the raised bed. At some point Rachel did have to ditch that apple!! Gardening and eating an apple really don't go well together!!

Ta daaaaaa...

Tyler cleared the other side and rototilled it with a shovel.

Then he planted the peas, onions and cucumbers. I hope they grow!!

Rachel was in charge of making labels to help us remember where everything was planted. She used popsicle stick for our labels.

Today we plan to go strawberry picking at a local farm. I am very exciting to start bringing fresh grown fruits into the house! I just found out that this farm sells fruit trees and fruit bearing plants. I need to give that some serious thought.

I still feel like a novice when it comes to gardening. At our old house, anything grew! You could throw a flower that you uprooted on the ground and it would root and grow. It was too easy. Now I have terrible soil, very sandy and very acidic and it is a whole new experience. Plus we had almost 3 acres before and now we have just under 1/2 an acre. My goal is to grow as much as I can to eat and still have space for the kids to play. It will be an ongoing learning experience!


Anonymous said...

Hi Karen :) I loved seeing your kids busy in the garden, what a help they all are! Lovely pics and good to see your update!


Em said...

Oh how I wish my kids could help more in the garden! My son was pulling up carrots today 'helping mommy weed'. And of course they went straight into his mouth with a 'Yummmmm!' They are only 1-2inches long right now, and about as round as a pencil... so little tidbits for him I guess!