Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I am on a shopping spree!! Well, really it's just school books... Oh it is scary thing for me to "lay the money down!" Actually the two purchases that scare me the most are History and Literature. I have always used curriculum that is heavy on the history and literature. I worry if we will be able to get through allllll the books I am buying. I want the children to know their history and be well read, but I don't need to bury them. There are other subjects they need to study as well!

The past few years I have tried to buy the first half the year's books and then buy again later when I can better gauge what we can get through. But things happen and I never have the money I need at those times. I know, I know, Dave Ramsey would be so ashamed of me!! I oughta be able to put the money away and have it there when I am ready to buy. I have tried for 3 years and it hasn't worked.

So, this year I am buying it all now and praying we can utilize it all. Well at least with Tyler's books I know the youngers will use them someday. With the youngers I could spend two years on what I bought it I need to.

Oh, here is my one blessing...Apologia's Elementary Science does not plan a full 180 days. It is more like 160 or 150. They account for field trips and unexpected events. This really tipped the scale to my choosing it! I know we have one subject, at least for my younger two that will not be a relay race!! Thanks Apologia!!!

So, if you struggle like I do you are not alone!!


Jess said...

I go heavy with Literature and History too. Sonlight it is great, the books I can resell or trade to others and the guide is set so if there are things I want to skip I can and not feel bad. I love to buy books so we always have lots, no such thing as too much.

Karen T. said...

Dear Jess, Thanks for visiting my blog! I have used Sonlight for 9 years! For various reasons we are using Tapestry of Grace. You are right, I can sell the books I don't use. Like you, I love books too! I don't think I have ever met a homeschool who didn't love books! :) Have a wonderful day!!

Pam said...

If you have a good public library, this will make all the difference!!! I'll be eager to hear about your curriculum choices. You are on the ball with getting your things in order for next year! Pam