Friday, March 23, 2007

Thankful Thursday!

We had a wonderful day yesterday on Thursday. First of all, it was 62 degrees F.! Oh, it felt so good. The snow is melting and though I can't see my lawn yet but I know I will soon.

In the afternoon we headed out to buy Robin clothes for work. He never buys clothes for himself so this was quite an event! We went to Kohls. They were having a great sale! I got a dress winter coat for Rachel for next year for $8.00! This was a beautiful $80.00 coat! I got Christian's winter coat for next year for $10.00; it would've been $100.00 at full price!! Then a few t-shirts for the kids ranging from $2-$8 and a pair of shorts for Tyler. Tyler was excited because he got a really nice UNC shirt for $8.00. Oh what a day!! Socks 2 for 1, Robin found lots of nice clothes and we headed off.

Next we went to Home Depot. Well, we were looking for table legs which they no longer carry but they had free popcorn for the kids so there was their snack. Robin is going to build a vanity for Rachel as we are working on a makeover on her bedroom. I can't find a vanity I like so he is making one. He is very handy that way and I am so thankful!! I want one big enough for her and a friend to sit at and he will make a bench for it too. I will make the cushion for the bench. Exciting!!

We all went to Rachel's dance classes together since it was in the same town we were shopping in. Robin took the boys to the library across the street and then we had Subway sandwiches during Rachel's break. Then home to discover our Netflix came in: "Everybody's Hero." We are going to watch it today.

What a great day! God is good and we are blessed and it is just nice to be together on a beautiful spring day! There is much in life to be thankful for, isn't there?


Robin said...

Hello Miss Karen! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

I really enjoyed your Boston pictures. That is the kind of thing we lovvve to do! I love to go exploring and learning about historical places.

You like Lean Cuisines, too, huh? They have some realllly good ones! I get one about once every two weeks or so, sometimes more. My favorites are the one with salmon and brocolli pasta and the one with shrimp and similar side items, I think it is.

I hope you will post pictures of the completed vanity. I just know it will be lovely. :)

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend, Karen. Huggggs, Robin

Patty Hall said...

Hi. Sounds like you had a wonderful day and such good bargains. Love to find good bargains.
Have a blessed Sunday