Thursday, March 22, 2007

What's to Eat?

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This week I decided to poll the troops to see what they would like for meals. We are at that point in the year where it is not time to pull out the gas grill but we are all ready for summer cooking!! So, this week I decided to have every pick a meal and we would just take turns with our favorites!

Here are the results:

Tyler's Top Picks:

Breakfast: Muffins Lunch: Cheese Ravioli with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese (we buy Rosa's all natural ravioli from the frozen food section and add our own sauce and cheese). Supper: Beef tip stew.

Christian's Top Picks:

Breakfast: Cinnamon swirl cereal Lunch: Spaghetti soup Supper: Yankee Pot Roast with rice and green beans.

Rachel's Top Picks:

Breakfast: Granola bars Lunch: Kraft mac and cheese, the orange kind please (ewww) Supper: Steak strips, mashed potatoes, corn

Robin's Top Picks:

Breakfast: omelets Lunch: Wraps and rice and peas and various leftovers to put in wraps. Supper: Baked haddock, rice (or anything that is not a potato! ;) ), any veggie.

My Top Picks:

Breakfast: oatmeal (exciting, aren't I?) and fruit Lunch: Lean Quisines Supper: Breast of chicken, face down baked potatoes, spinach.

We also had a request for pizza bagels so we will do that too. :)

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