Friday, March 02, 2007

I'm a Happy Camper!

(Photograph is a scene in Maine from It reminds me of running and playing across the rocks at the beach growing up! :) )

I am a happy camper today. I need to read this next year in January! January is such a hard month to homeschool it seems. Everyone is tired from the holidays and the end of the school year seems sooooo far away. But I need to remember that something magical always happens in February.

In February I start looking at curriculum. I start ordering for the next year. I start realizing there is only a few months left and we better work hard to get everything done in time. I replot our the rest of the school year. I think about fun projects to get everyone motivated. Sure enough, it works and we put our heads down and plow ahead!!!

This week has gone so well!! First we bought the children all a desk. All these years we have worked at the dining room table and it has been good. But it was time. They are getting older and need their own space. Well, this has really been a great change. Everyone is getting organized and working hard. This week has shown me that they really are ready for the next grade level.

Phew! January was so tough. I was very discouraged. But February was a lot better and I have very high hopes for March!! We are setting the bar higher and the children are meeting the challenge! Praise the Lord!!


Pam said...

How neat, Karen! New work spaces are very motivational! I'm glad things are going so well! How encouraging!

Karen T. said...

Yes, it came at a very good time in our year! Thanks for visiting Pam!