Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Homestretch and Gearing Up

It's the home stretch of our 2006/2007 school year! I feel confident that everyone is ready to enter the next grade level! YAY! We finish our school year officially on May 25th, Lord willing!

I keep reminding the children that their diligence now guarantees a May finish and a long summer. This is the last year I am promising to be done in May. Next year I have scheduled out the year to be done at the end of the first week in June. That is still quite ambitious.

Summer is sooo important to me. When you live in Maine, you must enjoy every warm day to the fullest! My dad used to say that there are two seasons in Maine: winter and the 4th of July! Some years he is not far from wrong!

I have officially ordered all my books for the next school year. This is definitely a record for me! After all, I just ordered the remainder of THIS years books about a month ago. To have next years all ordered is major! Praise the LORD! Now I am working hard at Class Schedules/Lesson Plans. My goal is to have next year planned before this year is over so that I have the summer to read some of the books and just have time off!!

Here is what I have ordered and what we are doing:

For Rachel and Christian, 4th and 5th grade respectively:

Math: Mathusee, Delta for Rachel and Epsilon for Christian
Vocabulary: Wordly Wise 3000 Book 1
(They will complete the second half of Winston Grammar too which we already have.)
Cursive Writing: Handwriting without Tears Grade 5
Writing Skills: Institute for Excellence in Writing
Language Arts: Alpha Omega that I insert what I want to prevent gaps. (Yep, I am that paranoid!!)
Science: Apologia Elementary, "Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day."
Health: "Blood and Guts: A Working Guide to Your Own Insides"
Bible, History, Reading, Literature: Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 redesigned Upper Grammar, and the books that go with it.
Greek: "Hey Andrew Teach me Some Greek", Level 2
Art: Art books we already have plus library stuff.
Music: Drum Lessons for Christian and Piano lessons for Rachel.
Phys Ed: Soccer for Christian year round and Dance for Rachel year round.

For Tyler, 9th Grade (EEK!)

Math: MUS Algebra I
Vocabulary: Vocabulary from Classical Roots
Grammar: Advanced Winston
Writing Skills: Institute for Excellence in Writing, Level C Continuation Program
Language Arts: Alpha Omega choices for any gaps.)
Science: Apologia Biology 2nd Edition with Labs
Bible, History, Literature, Reading: Tapestry of Grace, Year 1 Redesigned, Rhetoric with some Dialectic.
Greek: "Hey Andrew Teach me Some Greek" Level 2
Music: Guitar Lessons
Phys. Ed: Year round Soccer, with Baseball in the Spring
(We decided to wait for Spanish and may utilize the Community College for that Tyler's Junior Year)


Patty Hall said...

Karen, good for you for getting it together this early. I still have no clue what we'll do next yr. To be honest I wish David would just go get the GED. He just doesn't want to apply himself to his work and I'm tired of worrying about it.

Karen T. said...

Patty, I totally understand!! I always *want* to say, "Listen children, this homeschooling book here says homeschoolers love learning...so could you please sit down and LOVE SOME LEARNING??!!??!!" LOL! Hang in there Patty. I will be praying for you and your son!! The Lord gives us the grace day by day. I plan ahead but try hard not to THINK ahead, it is too much for me. Usually when all the books come in I have a bout of a couple of hours of headache and nausea!! :oP