Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Saturday!

The above is a cloth designed by Rhonda K. White at Knitting Nonsense. She calls it a Moose/Reindeer whatever your preference. I think it's a deer. ;) I really love her designs. She puts a all knit row for even rows and this makes the designs knit up so fast!

Today is mostly a day at home. (YAY!) I need to take Rachel to a Hip Hop dress rehearsal. My little b-girl has a competition on Sunday. This morning in between loads of laundry and tidying I am knitting up a dophin cloth. I hope to also get all my cloth cut for the remainder of quilt blocks for Crazy Mom Quilt's Quilt Along. Then tomorrow afternoon I can just sew them up quick. Yes, very exciting!

I hope to try "real quilting" on this one rather than tying it together as I have in the past. It's time to learn something new!

I hope everyone reading this is having a Super Saturday!


Anonymous said...

Hey Karen!
I love all your cloths you knit! That is so cool!
Hope you guys have a lovely weekend!!!
Love ya bunches!

Anonymous said...

Your talent with knitting is ever increasing, Karen! You do lovely lovely work. I hope that the rest of your day is fabulous! Hugs, Robin