Saturday, February 09, 2008

You've Just Gotta Laugh...Or You'll Cry!

Today I would like to share some things I am choosing to laugh at. :)

1. I have been trying my hardest to view winter through "rose colored glasses" this year. It was a goal of mine. But, I would like to share with you today that I am trapped in a snow globe!! Here is our snow, lovingly piled up by my husband with a shovel and his aching back and three helpers:

2. Funny #2 is that after 36 hours of light snow, we will get about 8 inches tonight!

3. Why wasn't my toaster working this morning? Why couldn't I push my bagel down? OH! Of course!! There was a small rubber ball lodged in it! Turns out my darling son had lost his ball!! His response, "I guess I shouldn't have kicked it!" Five minutes after it was found and given back to its owner I hear, "Has anyone seen my ball?" Sigh...I mean...LOL...can't forget my choice to laugh!!

4. Three rows from the end of this cloth, I run out of yarn! Well, at least I can get to the store before the snow starts!

If you're sick of making lemonade from the lemons of life, might I suggest a good laugh??


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a lot of snow!!! Because we rarely ever get snow here, I'm a little jealous. Is that your house? It's beautiful.

Funny about the ball. Maybe that's why we have a toaster oven. Haha.


~ Laurie said...

I'm glad I didn't pay full-price for a snow-suit for Sam for this winter! There is TOO MUCH snow for him to play in! I'll lose him!

Oh and this one you'll LOVE. As SOON as I unload the dishwasher, Sam turns it into a car-wash :)

Patty Hall said...

Morning, Karen.
You do have to laugh, makes the heart merrier.
RYC-I have made so many list. In fact, I already have tomorrow planned out and it's not even 8am here on this Sun.
Oh well, guess it'll all come out in the wash.
THat snow is beautiful. We have high winds here today.
Patty H.

Anonymous said...

Did you get all your snow! Your yard looks like mine - but we have 20 degrees below zero today - brrrr. I love the pic of your dh climbing the walls! It will be wonderful to see more daylight soon - as the days get slowly longer!


Jen S said...

Eeek, what do I have to complain about? We've had no snow at all.(Smacking self in head because I am whining about a really light dusting) Stay warm!

Lindy said...

You may laugh, but I'm jealous of all your snow! I wish we'd get some here, but it's beginning to look as though we'll have to wait until next year.

Denise said...

I don't know much about snow, here in a lovely California valley, I can imagine the rubber ball happening here (LOL!), but I completely understand the running out of yarn so close to the end of a project. I can do one better, though. I was finishing crocheting the edging on an afghan for my son and -- get this -- FOUR INCHES from the end I ran out of yarn!! Can you believe it? I had to go buy a whole 'nother skein just to crochet four inches. I'll never forget THAT one!!

Yup, you just gotta laugh! :-)