Saturday, January 03, 2009

My Friend Laurie~On Being Frugal

Here's what my friend Laurie had to say about how she saves on money:

One of our big ones it to PLAN leftovers into the menu. One or two nights a week we all have something different, but I'm not throwing food OUT.

I shopped at Save-A-Lot this past week. Yes it's a tiny bit of a drive, but the prices were SIGNIFICANTLY less, and I shopped for 2-1/2 weeks.

Combined that trip with a trip to CVS for some free or dirt cheap items. Two things of dish soap for .49 cents thankyouverymuch

Adding a can of beans or corn (or both) to meals like taco's to 'stretch' them further.

Baking from scratch! It costs me less than 60 cents a loaf for bread to make it (not counting oven electricity) vs buying. And it's without HFCS!

Using the messy woodstove.

Pulling curtains when it starts to cool off ~ leaving them closed on cloudy cold days ~ which really bothers me...I'd rather see the sun.

CLOTH DIAPERS!!! It's work, but it saves me around $80 a MONTH in diapers! And I can dry them on my drying wrack near my messy woodstove to help put humidity back in the air.

Make a menu...breakfast included!

Asking people for coupons. Lots of people get the paper with coupons in it. Just ask around.

Shop around for internet (we're getting ready to save on ours & we get free cable for a whole year!)

If you do have $$ to eat out order in instead of eating out. Save on the tip and waste. Our family (granted they are little mouths) can order in Chinese for less than $15 vs going out to dinner!

You can find Laurie at her blog:Peanut Butter and Fluff

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