Friday, January 02, 2009

My Friend Robin~On Being Frugal

My friend Robin answered my previous question regarding ideas for saving money. She said:

Ways we are saving money are:

Washing our hands in a large mixing bowl in the bathroom sink and using that to flush the toilet each time.

Showering less.

Driving less.

Not using the gas heat that this house has, using 2 space heaters instead. (I'll find out for sure next week, but I think it is saving us close to $200.00 a month)

Closing off rooms that are not needed during the day.

Using beans & lentils in place of meat.

Not purchasing 'extra' foods, such as deserts, chips, candy, soda (except for baking a few Christmas sugar cookies this week)
I often see grocery carts stuffed full of 'empty' foods. All that money spent...

Wearing clothes for more than one day, instead of washing after every wearing.

Using half of the amount of clothes washing detergent recommended UNLESS we have done yardwork or otherwise made the clothes filthy.

There's more, I'm sure!

You can find Robin at The Blog at Stokesbury.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Karen! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :)

We just found out that by using the two electric space heaters (and being a little cold and wearing lots of layers) we saved closer to three hundred dollars. I've heard from several sources near here that average gas heating bills are three hundred dollars +. We could not have afforded that. Instead we paid about $50.00 "extra" on our electric bill to have the two space heaters on. We turn them off when temperatures are what we consider "decent".

Have a wonderful weekend, Karen!