Tuesday, January 06, 2009

What Am I Doing??

(This has nothing to do with my daily post...I just think my dog is cute!!)

Yesterday we returned to our regular homeschooling schedule and our curriculum. We had done a little last week but it was really review and stuff we don't usually have time for. So, we came back after two weeks with the typical cobwebs in our brains that we always have after a break. I always forget that there will be those cobwebs (because I am throughly *webbed* as well), but I was reminded real quick when my history buff child asked, "What is feudalism?" "Ummm, let me think, only the social, economic, government system that we studied for about the whole two months before Christmas!!" No, actually I just said, "Does the word 'serf' ring any bells?" "OOOOOHHHH," he said. Light dawned!

After two weeks away from our curriculum I have to say my response to going back was, "What AM I DOING?" Now, I do have a great curriculum and I don't mean to complain. But somewhere along the line I forgot that the point was to EDUCATE not to check off reading lists and assignments! When it comes to schooling I can be a "ready, MARCH!" kind of mom. Well it's time to pull in the reigns...on me, not them!

So, today we'll linger more over our Bible reading and actually DISCUSS it. We'll stop Math and do some review as everyone is struggling with the review sections. I might even go really crazy and let Tyler skip ONE LAB in Chemistry since it is an experiment he has done before.

I am praying God will give me ideas and help me breathe life into our studies. When you are keeping 3 grade levels going it is hard to stop and smell the roses. But there must be a way!

Yes, it's January, homeschoolers, can you tell?

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