Saturday, January 24, 2009

In the Word...

We've done different things over the years for our Bible time. I try to always make sure, no matter what I choose for a curriculum, that we are spending time reading directly from the Bible, letting God *speak for Himself.*

This year, I have been convicted about the fact that I have led various Bible Studies for others but haven't fully used my gifting for my kids in leading a Bible Study and prayer time in the same fashion. Add to that, I recently went to a Church Planting Seminar where the speaker gave us a list of questions that could be brought to each passage as a way to study and easily lead. I adjusted those questions and then combined them with another "question" format and came up with these that we are using daily:

1. What is this passage teaching?

2. Is there (and list if so):
~a promise?
~a warning?
~a command on what TO do?
~a command on what NOT TO do?

3. How does this passage relate to kids or teens your age?

4. How does it relate to you? What can you do or change to obey this passage?

Right now we are going through the Epistles. If I were doing a Narrative book, I would likely add:
~Is there an example to follow?
~Is there an example to avoid?

I recently received some valuable advice from my pastor on teaching my children the Bible. He told me to make sure I repeat and repeat the gospel message and teachings on God's grace. Often times, we assume since a child has received Christ as Savior that he/she remembers the gospel message. But children, like adults, forget. So, it is important to keep reminding them of the gospel so they don't mistakenly think that their behavior saves them or condemns them before God. "It is by GRACE you have been saved, and that not of yourselves, it is a gift from God lest any man boast."

I am also making sure to ask them for prayer requests before we pray. One other thing I learned from this (as they were asking for prayer for others and not for themselves) is that they thought it selfish to request prayer for themselves. So, we had to see what Bible said about that! Many of those basics can easily be forgotten and I have found it so valuable to repeat, repeat, repeat!!

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~ Laurie said...

what an important concept even we as adults forget or choose to ignore ~ asking for prayer for ourselves. It would require letting people in on our struggle, and life!! How important to teach them at such a young age that prayers for self ARE important!