Monday, April 30, 2007

4 Weeks Left!

We have 4 weeks left of our school year!!! YEE-HAH!!! At this point, I am trying to keep to myself that no one wants a break more than I do!! Seriously, at this point in the year I am staring wistfully out the window too!!! Our last day is May 25th! Not that the learning stops, but the hard drive through the books slows right down to an easy pace.

I have purchased 99% of the books for next year and they are neatly on the shelves. I am going to be praying hard still, though, about our pace for next year. I don't want to be a dump truck backing all that up and dumping it in their brains. I know that just doesn't work. It is hard to know the balance. I want my children well educated and I don't want to waste the money on the books. I find my greatest challenge in homeschooling is self doubt. Did we do enough? Did I force too much? Are they overwhelmed? Are they challenged? Am I too easy? Am I too strict? Should we be more interest driven? Oh it goes on and on. The only cure for self doubt is prayer and time in the Word.

The Bible says if we cry to the Lord for wisdom, He will provide it. So this summer, as I plot out the next year, I will be crying out! I pray the Lord will direct my steps, lead through my husband, direct the steps of my children. I pray this is a race we will win!

I remind myself too, that I want to see my children in Heaven and spend eternity with them. If that goal is achieved, the rest is gravy! For what WOULD it profit them if they gained the whole world (and its knowledge) and lost their very souls. So what if they can parse and decline in Biblical Greek if they know not the One who revealed Himself in that Holy Word. Priorities, Karen, priorities.

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