Sunday, April 22, 2007

Knitting Patterns

I find knitting very relaxing. I am definitely a beginner though. I hope to keep learning; perhaps someday I can take some classes. That would be such fun. Did you know there are loads and loads of free patterns from Lion Brand? Their website is: . I signed up to get their newsletters via email and each month they advertise free patterns. I am knitting a scarf right now. I was attracted to it because I has four different patterns within the same scarf. It's fun to keep changing what you are doing. There is variety but it is still pretty easy, beginner stuff. Here is the pattern: .
Below is an image of the scarf from Lion Brand. When I am done, I will post a pic of mine.


Patty Hall said...

Karen that is abeautiful scarf. I get the newsletter as well, although I havent' knitted in awhile, too much other stuff going on.
Patty H.

Karen T. said...

Hi Patty! It had been awhile for me too... I hope your days are filled with happy things! :) Love, Karen

Pam said...

Karen! So pretty! I hope you will post a picture when you are finished!

Karen T. said...

Thanks Pam! :)