Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

Today we focused heavily on schoolwork. The kids were all struggling with various subjects so I decided I needed to give it all my attention. I tried to spend the entire morning working with them and not doing anything else. I think it helped but I was surprised that we still didn't get Science in for the youngers before 1:30 pm when Tyler had to leave for baseball and I still needed to listen to Christian read as well. But I am thankful that the kids are really understanding that we will work to get it all done within the week. Christian and I took care of the reading after supper and we will do double the Science tomorrow to make up for today. But that's okay it's fun stuff!

On the cleaning front, I did well to put a load of laundry in! If Robin and the kids had not done the dishes they would still be sittin' in the sink! Oh I need fresh energy or maybe springy weather. I am struggling with cleaning this week!! Lord help me to have a willing heart and desire to dig in and clean, clean, clean!!

Tomorrow's a new day and a busy one at that. Piano lessons in the morning, baseball for Tyler, a homeschool group meeting, and dance classes for Rachel. Phew! In between all that, a full day of school and...maybe more cleaning??

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