Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Quilt Swap and Other Random Thoughts.

At T2CHK, we are doing a Quilt Swap! I am so excited! This year we will do 9 patch squares like the one above except they will be floral prints. This week I hope to get the material. Many of the ladies have already started sewing...YIKES! So I really need to get moving. When I get my material I will post pics, if for no other reason then to keep me accountable. I tend to be a "Last Minute Louise!"
My days are so busy. Baseball season has started and dance season hasn't ended and when you add that to finishing school, music lessons, planning next year's schooling, well there just isn't much time left over!
This week I met with a friend who helped me plot out Tyler's High School years, at least the basics. This helped me so much. I will soon post my gleanings from that meeting. She (Jenni) spent over 3 hours with me pouring over information and my plans. How nice is that?!
I don't really think many outside the homeschool community understand how much networking is involved in homeschooling. Some seem to think we are all just "winging it" on our own. I get the craziest questions about homeschooling. Some think the gov't sends me curriculum or even crazier, that the gov't PAYS for the curriculum I choose. HA! People like to ask about how I compensate for the social "lack" of homeschooling. People wonder how I have the knowledge to teach every class and every grade level.
They would be surprised to see me conferring with people on the internet, attending workshops, attend homeschool meetings, calling curriculum authors for advice and utilizing all the other vast resources at my disposal. They don't realize that when I am stuck on a Math problem I can call my rep at "Mathusee" and she walks me through it. Or that I call various companies asking for advice concerning their curriculum. Just a couple of weeks ago I was on the phone with "The Institute for Excellence in Writing" and they helped me plan Tyler's High School Writing Course plan. Yes there is lots of help out there! I don't know it all, I am just willing to keep asking the questions! As for being home all the time, oh how I wish that were true! HAHA!!! Really the struggle is to STAY home long enough to get the work done. There are just so many opportunities.
Busy days, for sure. But worth it...for sure and certain!


Mommy2Lots said...

I completely agree with you about the odd questions. LOL Boy, have I gotten some. Do people really think we sit in the house all day and tie our children to a chair to restrict them from the outside world. Yes, some of them really do. But, seriously, here's an article about homeschooling and socialization that is a different perspective than usual. It's not an argument or rebuttal, but simply states the correct facts about socialization in an effort to set the uneducated straight. You can see it at:
--I really like your blog. I'm adding it to my blogroll. :-)

Karen T. said...


Thanks for visiting and commenting! I am so glad you like my blog. :) I look forward to reading the article you shared with me. Thankyou!

It's nice to be reminded I am not alone in my experiences!!

May God bless you!

Mommy2Lots said...

You're welcome. I agree that it's nice to feel you're not alone in the homeschooling thing. Family and friends can really be harsh at times when you say the word "homeschool". It's wonderful to interact with people who truly understand that homeschoolers, for the most part, are homeschooling because we want our kids to get the best education possible. I look forward to reading your future postings.

God Bless you as well.