Monday, June 18, 2007

Creating My First Pattern

Rachel has been wanting to try a dishcloth pattern but wanted a smaller version. So, I decided to try to create a pattern for her where she would cast as close as possible to 20 stitches and a simple heart design with a simple border. My first one looked like an apple and was too small. So I tweaked the design and stitch amounts and came up with something that I think will do nicely. It took awhile but will hopefully be worth it for her! Hers will not be a dishcloth but I think we will make a back the same size and let her make a little pillow (maybe for her doll?). Below are the pictures of my finished small cloth as well as the pattern.

I used regular, inexpensive worsted weight yarn and size 9 needles. I cast on 25 stitches.
Here goes:
1. Knit across
2. Knit across
3. K 3, P 19, K 3
4. Knit
5. K 3, P 5, K 3, P 3, K 3, P 5, K 3
6. Knit
7. K 3, P 4, K 5, P 1, K 5, P 4, K 3
8. Knit
9. K 3, P 3, K 13, P 3, K 3
10. Knit
11. K 3, P 3, K 13, P 3, K 3
12. Knit
13. K 3, P 4, K 11, P 4, K 3
14. Knit
15. K 3, P 5, K 9, P 5, K 3
16. Knit
17. K 3, P 6, K 7, P 6, K 3
18. Knit
19. K 3, P 7, K 5, P 7, K 3
20. Knit
21. K 3, P 8, K 3, P 8, K 3
22. Knit
23. K 3, P 9, K 1, P 9, K 3
24. Knit
25. K 3, P 19, K 3
26. Knit
27. Knit
Copyright 2007 Karen Twombly


Sandi said...


I was surfing through the Christian Knitters Ring and came across your blog. I amazed how many knitters who are Christian and are homeschoolers! I also participate in the Dishcloth KAL, although haven't been able this month. Your blog is very inspiring! Congratulations on your first pattern. I also have a son, Tyler, who is almost 13 (in Aug.) and a Daughter, Lauren, who is 9. Nice to meet your family through your blog. Blessings, Sandi

Anonymous said...

I love your pattern! I can't wait to teach Lizzy how to knit. We are still working on crocheting. I'm thinking of using your dishcloth pattern and making an afgan out of it for DD for Chrsitmas. THANKS!

In HIs Love,

Karen T. said...

HI Sandi! Thank you for visiting my blog! I too am amazed at all the Christian homeschooler knitters (boy that's a mouthful!). Too bad we don't all live close, we could have a nice weekly knitting tea! Karen

Karen T. said...

HI Lisa! I am so glad you like the pattern! I hope you will post pictures of you afghan! Love, Karen T.