Sunday, June 17, 2007

June Mid Month KAL

Happy Sunday! I have been working on the mid month June Dishcloth Knit Along. My pics represent the first two days worth of rows. Boy I hope I am doing them correctly! It had two new stitches to me: the SSK (slip, slip, knit) and the knit 2 p tog-b. They are both decreasing stitches. When I am really stuck I consult . I love this site because it has video examples. I have a really tough time reading instructions and understanding them so the videos help me so much!!


DawnK said...

I think that is kind of what Emily's looks like. I had to work today and have been busy with other things, so I haven't gotten to the rows yet.

Marsha said...


I love reading your blog, and, I think I can learn to make these very nice dishcloths like you are

I'll have to check out some sites for making dishcloths.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers for us.

Lots of Love,


Adriana said...

My aunt used to make the most wonderful cotton dishcloths. Hers were crochet. But the were wondeful and got everything up.

I love to look at your knitting. I'm impressed by all the patterns you can do.I'm still learning.

Anonymous said...

My aunt used to croshet lovely cotton dishcloths. They were the best at picking up crumbs.

I'm still slowly learning how to knit. I'm so impressed by all the patterns you put into your work.

Sylvia said...

Karen, that is really pretty! It looks a lot like the crocheted lace I have on some of our pillowcases. Can you make knitted lace?

Patty H. said...

Karen looks like you're doing a beautiful job.

Karen T. said...

Thanks so much for visiting, ladies!
Marsha, I will pull some sites together for you.
Adrianna, I am still learning too. This is why I joined the dishcloth group. I can learn new things on short projects so it is not quite so overwhelming to me! Having to rip things out on a short project isn't so terrible!
Sylvia, I have never done lace but wish to. This cloth is the first time I have done anything even THIS intricate!
Thanks for visiting all!

Dawn, by now you know that this one wasn't right! I have since corrected it... :)