Saturday, June 02, 2007

Weekend Happenings

(Portland Headlight in Maine)
What is happening in your homes today? Can you believe June is here already? Time sure flies! Here are our happenin's for the weekend:
This morning Robin has taken Tyler to a scrimmage with his Jr. League team. It is their first scrimmage as the season is just starting. It works out well since his 8th grade team with the local school is winding down. I am taking Rachel to signup for her summer dance classes and Christian is joining us. This summer Rachel will take Break Dancing and Hip Hop. Don't worry, it's all Christian music! :) After the signup we will hit a local grocery store and buy all their deals as they have been running special deals just on the weekends.
Once home we will have lunch all together. Robin is planning to put all the air conditioners in today. My birthday is Monday, so maybe they will all go out shopping! I will be home knitting!! I might go to the greenhouse to get some veggie seedlings if it works out. Robin also has two people waiting for him to help them with computer problems so perhaps he will work those out.
Speaking of knitting, I made a discovery. I am a left handed knitter and I noticed when I made the sailboat pattern that mine was a mirror image of the picture of the pattern. I chuckled to my husband about being a bit "backward" and never thought another thing of it. That is, UNTIL I started working the State of Maine pattern. About 17 rows in I noticed the coastline was on the WEST side instead of the EAST! YIKES! So now I am working the pattern backwards and struggling to remember to read right to left instead of left to right!! Lesson learned!
Back to the weekend, tomorrow we will attend Sunday School and Church and then celebrate my birthday early. It will be a quiet birthday, just us, and we are having lobster! YUM! The local grocery store cooks it for you for free so we do that. They have these nice thermal bags they put them in and when you get home they are still too hot to touch. I hope to do some planting too if time allows.
Speaking of food here is our menu plan for the weekend:
Breakfast: cereal or scrambled eggs
Lunch: sandwiches and chips
Supper: bbq chicken legs, potatoes on grill, corn on the cob
Breakfast: waffles
Lunch: lobster, salad, bread
Supper: perhaps a campfire with hot dogs and smores?
That's our weekend! I hope yours is wonderful!!


Faith6 said...

I wanna come celebrate your birthday with you!! Happy Birthday dear friend!! Lobster is fine with me!! Yum-O!!
You be so blessed this weekend!!
Love and warm gentle hugs!!

Patty H. said...

Happy Birthday, Karen.
I dont' think I've ever eaten lobster. I'm not much of a seafood person.

Sylvia said...

Happy Birthday! God bless you with many more, Karen.
And LOBSTER!! Oh my you are having a really good birthday aren't you? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen! It's a comfort to know that you are just putting your seedlings out too! We must be about the same latitude, as we are only ready to plant around Memorial Day! Looks like you are having fun! Early happy birthday to you!


Karen T. said...

Linda, Patty, Sylvia, Thank you all for the birthday wishes. I can't even imagine how fun it would be to have all my T2CHK friends over for my birthday!

Pam, No you are not alone! We are the "late planters" of the country aren't we? I have the stuff but I am waiting for the rain to stop long enough for me to plant!