Tuesday, June 05, 2007

This and That and "Is He a Cat?"

Let's get this one right out of the way! Here is our sweet Shih Tzu, Dash. He is in deep need of a groomin' but I thought I would share this pic anyway so that I could ask: Cat or dog?? Rachel calls him a "cog" because he has many cat like qualities. Now he is my first small dog so maybe that is the confusion!! He loves to lay in the window, lay on the back of furniture and play with cat toys!! Maybe we should have a vote! Cat or Dog? You be the judge!

Spring has sprung!! There will surely be more flower pictures to follow and herb pictures and hopefully veggie pictures! But this humble pot was our first attempt at spring! :) Last year I put so much in the pot that it all grew big and was quite crowded. So this year I left some room. :) I LOVE spring!

Rachel had her piano recital last week. Her teacher gave each student a bouquet of flowers. That is so sweet I think!! Rachel has only taken lessons for a few months but she really loves the piano and has picked it up quite quickly! She has a great ear, but I am trying to handicap her a little and not let her use it! I want her to learn to read music. You know, sometimes in those beginner books they take out the sincopation (sp?) in a song to make it all even quarter notes. Time and again I will hear her correct the rythym if she knows the song. So I try to make sure she has music to play that she has never heard!! She has also been known to change endings and throw notes in to complete the chord. I am not sure how she knows how to do all that so I just sit back amazed and then say, "Okay now try it the way it is written!" HAHA!
Summer is in full swing and everyone is getting used to the new schedule. They are getting used to me limiting screen time, used to reading every day, used to the new chore schedule. Phew! The transitions can surely be the hardest then we all settle in. Just about the time I am tempted to give up, everyone comes around!
I have been having so much fun knitting that I need to discipline myself to get moving on the T2CHK Quilt Square swap. So if you all don't see me posting a pic of my square in the next week, feel free to reprimand me!! Have a great day!!
"And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast. To him be the power for ever and ever. Amen." 1 Peter 5:10-11


Lori4squaremom said...

Hi Karen,

Dash is hilarious! Thanks for sharing....and I think I agree with Rachel...cog :) OR maybe dat?

You are hilarious about Rachel and the piano :) My best friends' son has a God-given gift for music, and his parents haven't put him in music lessons yet (they think he should be an athlete....), anyhow, he can play just about everything he hears by ear on the piano and the recorder. I am encouraging my friends to find a method of teaching music that combines both the playing by ear as well as the written music.

Your flowers are lovely, I can't wait to see your herbs and such as they come in :) I had my first plum from my tree yesterday....it was SOOOOOOOO good and juicy! Tomorrow I will post some pictures of my new herbs that I bought over the weekend.

Maria1975 said...

Dash and my dog, Oscar, must be cousin!
I believe that Oscar previously lived with a family of cats (I got him about 2 years ago from the Humane Society). He does that rubbing against furniture/ feet/ people thing that cats do. He also loves to lay on the back of the couch.

Karen T. said...

HI Lori!! Thanks for stopping by! I will be sure to check out your herbs!

Maria, I would love to meet Oscar! :)