Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wandering Thoughts

The Steeple of The Old North Church in Boston, MA

This poem, by Amy Carmichael, is one of my favorites and inspired the title of my blog "Gatherings."

Wandering Thoughts

Gather my thoughts, good Lord, they fitful roam,

Like children bent on foolish wandering,

Or vanity of fruitless wayfaring;

O call them home.

See, then, they drift like the wind-scattered foarm;

Like wild sea-birds, they hither, thither, fly

And some sink low, and others soar too high.

O call them home.

My silence speaketh to Thee, but I roam

With my poor silly thoughts, I know not where;

That undistracted I may go to prayer,

O call them home.

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