Monday, June 11, 2007

First Knitting Projects

Rachel has been learning to knit over the past year. Her first project was a blanket for her dolls. We cast on 20 stitches and she knit until it looked square. We did the same with four different colors. Then we sewed the four squares together and we were done! With that project she learned to cast on, knit and cast off.
With the same yarn Rachel decided to knit an outfit for her dolls. These above are just two square. With the top she knit a rectangle and learned to change colors for the top purple band. With the skirt, she knit a larger rectangle and was using the project to practice the purl stitch. Then she sewed up the back of the skirt and the top as well as using a piece of yarn for the straps. This was all from her own imagination and a very nice beginner project...totally no fail!!


Anonymous said...

Well done, Rachel! I've been knitting for 18 years and I can tell you that your stitches appear to be fairly even and I LOVE the way the orange, blue and purple colors look together. Great job!
Megan (aka mamaf3)

Pam said...

Hurray! Nice Job!