Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Summer's in Full Swing

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this peaceful moment with them all reading their "daily chapter." Even more fun was listening to them share interesting parts of their read with each other. :)

Summer is in full swing. We have all adjusted to our summer schedule and settled into the lazy days of summer! Usually in Maine the spring is quite rainy and then summer hits overnight. Usually it is cool and then suddenly steaming hot. But this spring has been different. The weather has been gorgeous. Some days have been warm enough to swim but not too warm and other days are cool and great for getting your work done. I couldn't ask for better.

We have had such fun having cookouts and eating outside, sometimes cooking over an open campfire. The kids are loving riding their bikes and going to the lake and the pool. I have enjoyed the pace of summer, having time to knit and read and quilt and having the nice weather to just enjoy being outdoors!

Tyler is in Junior League baseball right now. It is a nice change of pace from his 8th grade team. Jr. League is much more relaxed and not as competitive. The league is small and we actually know every coach and some kids on each team. So, for us, it has been very fun and easy going. Christian opted not to do baseball this year and instead he is hitting the golf course with Robin (dh) and his brother. He is having fun learning to golf. Rachel is liking just enjoying playing the piano with the summer off from lessons. She is still dancing but just once per week. She hopes to start learning to use my sewing machine and I have promised her a lesson for tomorrow.

As I am looking around at my house and how I want it decorated, I continue to try to decorate my house in such a way as to seem like a vacation home. I like easy, laid back decor, not too fancy or particular. I like creating an atmosphere that says, "sit and relax" not "oh don't touch this or mess up that." Summer is a great time to work on that goal, with more time to declutter and to think about how to make "home" more of a relaxing kick up your feet kinda place!


sylvia said...

How I love these summer days! And its good to see you and your family enjoying them, too.
I'm in the process of changing up my decor, too. Not vacation home, but simple, clean and uncluttered still.

Lisa Whitney said...

What a great photo of the kids! It is precious.

So happy you & your family are already enjoying summer... New England has definitely given us some lovely days lately!!!