Thursday, May 31, 2007

Knitting Progress

Here is my latest cloth. It is a sailboat. It worked up fast and was created by the same person who created the lighthouse pattern. Such talented ladies out there! I know many people think that home arts are a thing of the past but I have seen over and over that this is not so!

Now this sailboat has a heart on your left in the sail. Here is the funny thing. It was on the RIGHT side in the picture of the original pattern. But I think this happened because I am left handed and knit right?? I have always said I knit backwards, now I have proof! LOL! I plan to do this in blue next so hopefully the design will show up better then.

Here are all the cloths I have knitted thus far.

The next pattern I will work up is the state of Maine!! There is a woman in the Dishcloth KAL who has created a pattern for each state and she has generously shared the state of Maine pattern with me!! I think I will do it in the yellow first so it is easier to show! I am having fun, can you tell? Having a project like this is so relaxing! I can sit yet still be productive; perfect for summer!


Robin said...

Hiya Dear Karen! We are watching the National Spelling Bee and I was checking my blog and thought I'd come over and say hello. :) There are two spellers left, both 13 years old.

Your cloths are SO nice! What a blessing to be gifted with such talent. :)

With my back, I have felt some discomfort/pain since mid-March. The pain does go away quite often with walking (like you said it would). It ranges from tearful pain to barely noticable. I don't lift anything heavy on my own any more - that is one change I've made. I've come to the point of asking for help from my sweet girlies for moving/lifting.

I hope your Friday is a wonderful one, Robin

Patty H. said...

Karen, these are great.

Anonymous said...

I like your idea of making the squares into a summer afghan. I caved in and bought some yarn last night...

Karen T. said...

HI all! Thanks for visiting!

Sabine, well you HAVE to knit, right?! ;) Have a great day! Karen T.