Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday's Thoughts

Do you ever wish you were a dog? Once in awhile I am tempted to be jealous of my dog's life! But I have to remind myself that I would get bored after awhile...maybe... LOL!

It has been a busy week. I haven't had much time beyond homeschooling and getting the kids to their activities. I have missed those snow storms that up to this point have been giving us a day off at least once a week! :) I have done a small amount of knitting but little else. But perhaps I can make up for it over the weekend!

I have so appreciated everyone's comments on my blog. Thank you for letting me know you visited and all the sweet comments!

Sylvia, how I would love to live near you! Flute lessons are just one reason that sounds wonderful! Oh and after reading everyone's "Learning Wish List" I must add to mine! I would also like to:
1. Learn to Crochet
2. Learn to Sew Clothes for people and for my daughter's American Girl Doll!

Have a great day, all! Hopefully by tomorrow I will be showing another quilt square done!


Bren said...

I guess it would depend on whose dog I was. There are people who treat there dog better than they treat their kids, so I would not mind being their dog! LOL Your dog is a doll!!!

Jen said...

Aww to be a dog........what a life.

Christian Homekeeper said...

A dog, no...... but a CAT, well now there's a life! LOL!


Denise said...

I don't know if I'd like to be a dog, but I know that our little dogs have brought much laughter into our life!

Sewing is wonderful! I always wish I had time to do more. And my secret hope is to surprise daughter with a handmade cloth doll that has clothes matching hers!

Okay - Did you get your quilt square finished? I'm ready for some show-and-tell!