Monday, January 28, 2008

Marvelous Monday!

Today has been a good day. But you know what I constantly realize about myself? I am really good at making busy days for myself! I always have these self appointed projects that I feel pressured to finish in a certain time period. I am not sure why I am so driven in this way; it kind of defeats the purpose of being a stay at home wife and mom! Perhaps someday I will conquer this.

Of course we must do our homeschool work and I am quite glad to feel some sort of pressure concerning that. I want my children to gain the best education I can offer. But today I had it in my mind that I just HAD to finish another square and that I just HAD to finish a cloth I am knitting. WHY? I don't know!! There is no craft police that I know of to catch me half done!! LOL!!

Anyway, the above quilt block is Block #2 from Crazy Mom Quilts. I enjoyed making it very much. I did have to tear out one seam and redo that part since I had some of it upside down but that was an easy fix.

It is crisp and cold in Maine today. I try to remind myself that I need to be thankful for the cold. It keeps me inside crafting! Once warm weather hits, then it is time to spend spare moments outside gardening and beautifying the yard and taking the kids to the beach. So the cold is good for some things!

What creative projects are you working on?


Bren said...

Sounds like a great Monday. We are struggling where our home school is concerned. Can you suspend a kid from home school??? LOL
I did a 4th installment on a series of posts I had been working on. These always drain me emotionally so I just want to take a nap and watch a comedy!
Your block is great!!!!

Denise said...

Hi Karen-
What I'm working on? Hmmm . . . I finished sewing and binding a little blanket last night for one of the ladies at DH's work, who is leaving today for maternity leave. Nothing like a deadline to spark your creative juices! I really enjoy sewing and so this has sparked me and I'm pulling out the fabric today so that I can get some dresses done for a friends little girl, and maybe a few for my own as well!
Come by and see what I've done, and the afghan and dress I'm giving away as part of the giveaway carnival happening this week.
In Christ -

Anonymous said...

I love the title to your post. I am trying to work on my outlook so that I can call my days marvelous as well. I admire you for homeschooling, I think it is a good idea but I'm not sure I can do it. I guess I'll cross that hurddle when I come to it. (my kids arn't school age yet)

Katherine said...

Love the fabrics you're using for your quilt a-long blocks!

I can relate to the pressure you say you place on yourself in getting things done. I do the same thing with myself. Sometimes I think I do this because as SAHM (and fellow homeschooler), I feel that having a finished project shows some sort of productivity to my day. I mean let's face it, so many things a mom does in a day just needs doing again the next day and it can feel like you're not accomplishing anything.